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In my workshop, you will find textile pieces in natural materials, respectful of nature that will reveal your wild soul, your singularity. A vibrant, lively and inspiring material, like an art object, to dream awake ... Natural wool accessories that can be worn every day, for unique people in search of alternative and ethical fashion.

“L'Atelier de Frigg is a beautiful story ... inspired by Nature and little magic hands.

It is a very pretty woolly cloud. Bright, sometimes shady:

he conveys knowledge, transmits it and creates original, unique pieces ”


In my workshop, I put all my heart to create you a piece of which you dreamed and which resembles you. Wearing one of my stoles is bringing you a little magic, a touch of imagination and poetry, in the form of woolen accessories.


Each piece is unique, with different shades of colors, in harmony with the hours spent observing, imagining and transposing them. This is what gives the magic of the unique pieces that I make, combined with the simple beauty of natural materials.

The Workshop

L'Atelier de Frigg is an artisanal spinning and weaving workshop, installed in Brittany since 2016. The working process from raw wool is carried out in the workshop, with ancient methods, already applied thousands of years ago .

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The wool I work with the most comes from the Ile de France sheep, a breed that comes from an ancient strain of Merino, raised in France. It is a material that I try to harvest locally, and that I then use to create woven pieces.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I dye the wool either with plants (indigo, gaude, madder, vegetable peelings, ...), or with dyes certified for organic textiles. I then spin it on my spinning wheel, then I twist it into 2 strands. Finally, I can weave it on my loom.

Each piece I create is unique. I also make custom pieces, made for you, and which will look like you.

Contact me here to find out about the possibilities.

Who are we ?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
The attraction to fibers is ingrained in my veins. My work and my passion were transmitted to me from my childhood by my grandfather, himself a weaver and spinner in Normandy, the “land of the men of the north”…

Impregnated by this land rich in history, I then learned tablet weaving and spindle spinning thanks to my passion for the legends of the Scandinavian peoples.

In 2016, I decided to reconnect with these techniques, make them my job, and finally let my deep nature express itself.

I then make my first woven stoles, handcrafted with ancient artisanal techniques all along the chain leading to its realization. the goal is not just to make the assembly, but to start from the raw material, to transform it with my hands, into a unique piece. All with a touch of magic in shades of colors that remind me of wild nature.

I am inspired by nature and the mysterious world of mythology, legends and the imagination.

I could say that my work exudes my deep love for nature, its rhythms and cycles and the powers that work there.

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