Felted wool dreads to braid in his hair for a natural result

! These quantities and tips are only valid for the dreads I make!


"Out of the flesh of Ymir the earth was created,

of her blood the sea,

from its bones the mountains,

from his hair the trees, and from his skull the sky...» 


What are wool dreads?

A dread wool is made of felted wool and dyed in my workshop. They are double, that is, they are folded in half. The hair is braided on one half of the dread, which makes the braiding more discreet and allows for maximum volume.

These wool dreads are sometimes accompanied by glass beads also made in the workshop. But you can also customize your dreads yourself by adding other beads, threads, small shells, stones, ...


Why choose felted wool dreads?

This makes it possible to dare because, unlike dreads made directly on the hair, nothing is definitive.

This allows them to be easily removed, to be able to change hairstyles regularly, or to dare colors. You can also play on the length of your hair by braiding longer dreads. Moreover, the wool is very light to wear.

How do I install them?

Each dread is folded in half and braided on your own hair. You can install them alone(e) or with help, the hardest being to separate its hair into several bits more or less of the same thickness. Then they’re just braids! If you install them alone the first time and you braid all your hair, allow an hour in front of you.

A video tutorial is also available here: INSTALLATION TUTORIAL


Can we put his dreads on short hair?

Yes, it takes at least 6 cm of hair length for the braid made with dreads to hold well.

Is it heavy to carry?

For a complete head, I used a little more than 100g of wool, which are then distributed on your head.  


How can I sleep with it?

To sleep with your dreads, simply tie them together in a low tail or braid, in order to group them together and not be embarrassed during the night.

How long can we keep them?

You can keep them for several weeks, until you want another hairstyle!


How do you wash your hair with your dreads?

You can wash your hair with your braided dreads. However, it is easier to avoid wetting the entire length of your wool dreads, which will allow a faster drying. Then wrap your hair in a towel. Your hair will get dirty less quickly being braided, you can reduce the frequency of your shampoo.

How do you do your hair with your dreads?

There are many ways to do them! You can make a bun with the whole, or just half, braid the whole, or make two braids...


Are they reusable?

Of course! The more you use them, the more the felt wool will look natural.

How to undo his dreads?

Just loosen your braids, one by one, your hair will not have been damaged. If you have kept your dreads for several weeks, it is normal to recover your “dead” hair during the first brushing.


How to maintain his wool dreads?

Do not put them in the machine, even in program wool, where you risk finding all your dreads agglomerated in a single ball. It is best to wash them in warm soapy water, rinse well, spin out by pressing the wool in your hand (do not twist), and let dry folded in half.


50 double dreads: 200€

40 double dreads: 160€

30 double dreads: 120€

24 double dreads: 96€

18 double dreads: 72€

12 double dreads: 48€

9 double dreads: 36€

6 double dreads: 24€

+ Shipping costs depending on the quantity of dreads.


Each double dread is at 5€/piece, free shipping.

How many do I need?

Head competition and normal hair: 50 double dreads

Full head and fine hair: 40 double dreads

Half head and normal hair: 30 double dreads.

Half head and fine hair: 24 double dreads.

18 to 24 double dreads.

If you want to leave your fringe free or a wick, remove 5.

These quantities are only valid for the dreads I make. 

Do you hesitate? Take a smaller batch to try on your hair,

it will always be possible to order some later.